Human Resources

PACK Sales Engineer

  • Working place:Nanshan District,Shenzhen
  • Number of recruits:One
  • Release time:2021-09-22

Job Responsibilities of PACK Sales Engineer:

1. Focus on following up the PACK needs of customers in the robot market, and establish a good cooperative relationship with customer channels through various methods;

2. Actively assist the company to complete sales targets and cooperate with other salespeople to jointly obtain customer resources;

3. Maintain good communication with the company, and be familiar with the sales process such as quotation, order placement, and delivery;

4. It is necessary to go out to visit customers frequently to promote the company's service concept and development prospects;

5. Integrate internal resources, provide support for customers' needs, and assist customers in solving various demand problems in a timely manner;

6. Having the ability to identify new business opportunities and develop new customers, it is better to be able to complete personal sales tasks independently.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, following up in the robot market, sales experience in the lithium battery pack industry is preferred;

2. Familiar with the channel information of PACK products and have more customer resources in the lithium battery industry;

3. Possess strong business negotiation skills, strong sales operation thinking, strong execution, and the spirit of bearing hardships and stand hard work;

4. Optimistic about the lithium battery industry and look forward to working on lithium battery sales.

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